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EtsyMetal - Quality Handmade Artisan Jewelry from Around the World
EtsyMetal is an international collective of artisans who create jewelry and works of art in metal.

The group carries handmade craftsmanship into the 21st century, often using traditional tools and techniques.

Our mission is to support each other as independant artists and Etsy as a platform for selling quality handmade goods.

The EtsyMetal mark is your assurance of hand made craftsmanship, quality, and that the artist follows ethical trade pracitices.

You can easily find EtsyMetal artists anywhere in the world by entering "EtsyMetal" into your web browser. Look for the EtsyMetal mark when you visit craft shows.



We welcome serious metal artists to apply. In jurying, we look at the following criteria: metalwork, shop setup, photography, professional behavior, originality, and overall quality of work. Once a member is accepted, active participation in the group is required.

We jury in new members once per year, in March.

EtsyMetal's membership includes craftspeople who manipulate metal using smithing techniques to fashion decorative and useful objects. Their metalwork employs the use of techniques such as fabrication, forging, heat-joining, cutting, etching, engraving, stone setting, enameling, and casting of their original designs. Applicants who are skilled in multiple metal forming and fabricating techniques will be considered strong candidates for membership. Shops must have at least 15 items at the time of jurying, and 75% of them must incorporate at least one metalworking technique.

We look for shops with a professional setup, including appropriate pricing, complete descriptions, and clear shop policies. Photos must be clear, well-lit, consistent, and show multiple views of the item. Professional behavior (following Etsy's terms of use, behaving respectfully toward other users and the public, and earning primarily positive shop feedback) is important to us, as is originality (cohesiveness, sense of creative direction) and overall quality of work (no visible flaws in workmanship).

In addition to dues paid yearly in an amount to be determined by the group each year ($30 total for 2014) EtsyMetal requires active participation from its members. All new members are given mentors in order to help them to participate in the group. New Members enter into a probationary period for 6 months. During this time, new members are expected to participate in team discussions, both on our private forum and on Facebook (if possible). Committee membership is also mandatory for new members. After the 6 month probation is complete, new members have the opportunity to become full members with voting rights and links on our website and blog. Members can always take a leave of absence, if for whatever reason they're unable to participate for a period of time.

To apply for membership, CLICK HERE